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Indica House CBD Tincture


Our Indica House CBD is a beautiful remedy that may help alleviate anxiety + depression, chronic pain, insomnia, balance mental, emotional + physical health. It’s a full spectrum tincture that holds potent healing across the board. 


The NHouse Vegetable Glycerin Extract is blended with Kentucky grown, CBD rich hemp and 100% Kosher, USP food grade, non-GMO glycerin.


Composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen vegetable glycerin is a safe, nontoxic organic compound that is naturally sweet to the taste.


2 oz


Our extracts can be taken two ways, sublingually or blended into foods or drinks. The subligual method allows the active ingredients to soak directly into your bloodstream. By bypassing the digestive system the compounds reach your endocannabanoid system faster. As an additive, you'll find the extract fuses well with teas,coffees and smoothies while others prefer it in their breakfast cereal, snack or dessert.






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Indica House CBD