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"For the last 17 years I’ve had the honor to tend to + care for the needs of so many in our community. I’ve made many intimate connections + even family through my work. I can say with a grateful heart I’ve given all I’ve got + I am now at a place on my path where I need to take that care + turn it inward to tend to my personal health + wellness at this time♥️ I will be stepping away from appointments for now.

If you’d like to continue my journey with me you can find me at The Scarlet Halo Store - 434 Main Street, Placerville⭐️

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know when I am back in action. 

Thank you for the support over the years for those of you that have met me on this path. I will see you as I emerge on the other side."


May you tend to your own heart + body + soul.

~ Penny

Our Housing Clearing service is still available with Jen!

Spiritual & Energy Work 

***All sessions are personalized to meet your needs.

Spirit + Entity Transmutation (DePossession) Session | $110

This may not be a topic that’s talked about often, but it’s actually very common everyday occurrence that many of us are affected by earthbound spirits + negative entities attached to our systems. Some signs that you may have a spirit/entity attachment:

Chronic fatigue

Frequent headaches

digestive disorders


Powerful negative emotions

Intrusive thoughts 

Mood swings

Suicidal thoughts


Mental Illness

Hearing voices 

Undiagnosable physical ailments

+ more


This gentle modality is preformed hands on or at a distance to fully transmute + elevate any attachments on your system + to restore balance to your body mind + emotions. Followed by a soul Retrieval Healing. Grounding, purifying, repairing + restoring your system as a whole.

**Session modalities may differ from appointment to appointment based on what the body is requesting.

***Can also be done as a "Distance Healing". Please inquire for details & pricing.

Energy Healing  Session | $110

This session provides a safe space to address the vitality of your life force + clears any blockages, imbalances, or negative energies that are affecting your mental state, your emotions, your physical vitality + spiritual health.. We look into the subconscious system+ the chakras to unearth the root of our issues, to be able to release them, heal + make room for more of the things we want! This session uncovers the priorities of what is needed to release blocks + limitations in our system to balance out the body, mind emotions + spirit. It’s a deeper look into trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, connections with others + energetic influences in our life. Helps to provide a plan of self-healing with the support of custom-made remedies for your unique intricate system! 


Session is $110

Suggested remedies rates vary

***Consultation Sessions provided at The Scarlet Halo Store - 434 Main Street, Placerville 
***Can also be done as a "Distance Healing". Please inquire for details & pricing.

**Session modalities may differ from appointment to appointment based on what the body is requesting.

House Clearings with Jen | starting at $250

Does your home need an energetic transformation? 

Does it feel heavy, blocked or thick with negative toxic emotions in any capacity?

Are you moving into a new home? 

Have you had a trauma in the home or imbalanced spiritual activity? 

If you’re feeling your sacred space could use some support in a high vibrating purifying cleanse,

a Home Clearing session will provide a professional energy transformation safely + securely.

reclaiming your home + how you want to feel in it!


In-Home sessions start at $250

***Prices can vary by travel and house size


It has been an honor and gift to know Penny Chabot. She is a one-of-a-kind, rare, heart centered gifted healer. I’ve been coming to Penny for multiple services for two years and every time she has improved my health; mind, body and soul at a very deep level. I am in deep gratitude and appreciation for her many talents, predominantly her Energy Healing. She has been able to identify, clear and release past trauma, replacing it with unconditional love, support and guidance. When in her care, she creates sacred space that allows me to be open and let her do her magic. She is wise beyond her years. She is a keeper as an extraordinary healer, person and bountiful light.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to be pampered, healed, guided, ultimately loved which is what all of us need and want. Allow Penny into your life.  You’ll be awakened to an amazing transformation. 

Anne Ross

I took my mom there to get our first facials and we were over the moon with the results and how relaxing the experience was. They are professional, friendly, affordable, and do amazing work. We won't be waiting long to go back for another appointment!

Jamie Monahan-Cardwell ~ 1/31/16

Spirit Elevation | $110

A gentle intuitive process tuning into the spirit of loved ones to provide support + healing to assure they’re free + have transitioned to the light. 

***Sessions provided at The Scarlet Halo Store - 434 Main Street, Placerville or distance healing.

Remedy Consultation Session | $45

This session intuitively targets the priorities in your system + what remedies will best support you in finding balance physically, emotionally, mentally + spiritually. We find a passion in supporting people on their own path of healing. We provide + mix the flower essenes, crystal essences, herbal remedies + infusions that will best support your healing where you’re at! 

Session is $45

Remedy rates vary

Approximately 30 minutes 

***Remedy Sessions provided at The Scarlet Halo Store - 434 Main Street, Placerville 
***Can also be done as a "Distance Healing". Please inquire for details & pricing.




Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting


**or as we like to call it "Lash Crack"

Grande LASH™ MD eyelash and eyebrow formula 2ml, clinically tested. Vitamins, peptides, and amino acids. Conditions lashes & brow.

Directions: Apply Grand Lash™ MD to cleansed area before bed. Use similar to liquid eye liner on upper eyelid. Apply to eye brow areas where thinning has occurred.

Also Available - GrandeBROW & GrandeMASCARA


Full Face $40
Full Face with brow $55

Eyebrow $20
Lip $15
Chin $10

  - Bikini $35 & up
  - Brazilian $65 & up


Arms $35
Underarms $25

Half $40
Full $70

Ears $10
Nose $10
Back $50 & up
Chest $40 & up

Eyelash Tinting $30

Eyebrow Tinting $20

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting done together $45

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