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The Scarlet Halo

Rituals for Everyday Healing


"When I was a young girl, I begged my mom to drop me off at the metaphysical shop down the road while she ran her daily errands. I would get lost for hours. It was the first + few places I ever felt I belonged. Every time I walked in I could breathe again. It was pure magic + salve to my seeking soul.

I always dreamed of creating a beautiful space where all could come + feel welcome, leaving feeling better than when they came. Any shape, form, color, belief, ALL walks of life welcome. So I made that dream my reality.


The Scarlet Halo is my version of the Phoenix Rising. It's not just a store but a vision, an intention, a culture + new way of life individually + collectively. To awaken to all that is within us. The light + the dark + everything in between. + to honor it all. Within ourselves + each other.

We offer holistic remedies, tools + modalities created all through my own personal healing + extra sensory system. When we can accept ourselves wherever we’re at, while listening + tending to our needs on all levels, balance + radiance is reclaimed."

We look forward to connecting with you.

Many Blessings,

~ Penny Chabot - owner

Penny Chabot's Modalities 

~ Global College of Natural Medicine for holistic health, nutrition & herbal medicine

~ Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

~ Craniosacral Therapist

~ Holistic Health Practitioner 

~ Flower & Crystal Essence Practitioner

~ Certified Massage Therapist

~ Licensed Esthetician

~ Alchemist 

~ Spiritual Medium

~ Intuitive

~ Shamanic Practices

~ Reiki Practitioner

~ Lightworker

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