We are a unique collective of healing modalities. We specialize in flower + crystal essences, aura mists, herbal + emotional tinctures, mental, energy + spiritual healing. We provide remedies + services to support you in finding balance as a whole!


Come explore healing on all levels for your body, mind, emotions, + spirit to find a deeper balance within + ignite a greater flow of vitality in your life on all levels! 

Located in Placerville, California  

Headache Remedy

Headache Remedy

Priestess Oil

Priestess Oil

Forgiveness Aura Mist

Forgiveness Aura Mist

Whole Body Elixir

Whole Body Elixir



Monthly Moon Offerings @ The Scarlet Halo

Come write down a prayer or manifestation + drop it in our cauldron. We will send it to the moon with all our love. Receive special our gem\flower essence offering with any purchase of a scarlet halo product in store or online!

The Scarlet Halo is my version of the Phoenix Rising, the diamond in the rough, the crucifixion to resurrection. It’s about all illusion crumbling down around us to rebuild back up stronger + more radiant. It’s the fallen angel who reclaims their wings. 

The Scarlet Halo is not just a shop, it’s a vision, a hope, of a new Culture. Its about taking care of ourselves + each other. It’s about facing our truth no matter what we find. It’s about coming forward with our own unique essence + not subscribing to old bullshit patterns anymore. Getting out of the damn box. + remembering who we are. It’s about releasing the past + pioneering into a new way of life. It’s about doing the work + helping one another along the way.
No matter what.

The Aura Mists at ScarletHalo.com have given me support in a way that balances me. Whatever it is that I'm struggling with, the vibrations I'm missing, they fill in the gaps where needed. I'm a lover of mother Earth and a believer that she provides what we need in all ways, if we just tap in and take her up on it.  These mists do just that. Emotional Balance is my fave, it covers everything that ails me. I like to spray them around me, in my hair, on my pillow, in my car & also on my pets. Cuz they need those gaps filled too. And if you don't know what you're struggling with, Penny can guide you with a custom personalized mist. They work. They do. And hey, they smell divine.

Kelly Blackwell ~ 2018

The Scarlet Halo

Rituals for Everyday Healing

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