Spirit Realm Aura Mist Collection

The Spirit Realm Aura Mist Collection allows us to connect to our favorite spiritual teachers and begins that have come before us. Resonating our energy with theirs with a direct connect of their channeled essence to bring healing, balance, guidance, love, protection, mastery + more to our bodies, minds, heart s+ spirits.


These are a powerful potent potion to connect to our spirit council in everyday in a way that is a beautiful way to understand +receive all the gifts available to us now. With gratitude to the Masters we give our thanks for these blessings.


Each bottle is 2oz


Choose From...


Archangel Michael: “He who is like God” fiery, protective presence that invokes courage + strength! Clears negativity + energy cords that no longer serve. Bringing a peace + stability.


Artemis: The Goddess of nature + the animal kingdom. She is the Queen of all witches + cycles with the moon. She assists birth, childbirth or birth of new ideas + creations. Her blessings will bring you beauty, Empowerment, magic + an independent perspective view deeply rooted in your own intuition + the illumination of feminine mystery.


Faerie Dust: This high vibe Faerie Dust is one of a kind. The Fae Realm is not for everyone but when its for you it truly sparks up a zeal for life + the beauty it bestows is bar to none. Igniting a childlike, cheerful yet tricky + a little spicy energy to enjoy life in a more light hearted way. The Fae are little beautiful pranksters + they light up our daily lives. This Aura mist helps us connect to the Fae + the nature spirits + elementals avaible to help guide + protect + add some blessings, fun + pure magick to our days that will be most enjoyable. They help us honor the earth, plants, minerals + Mother Nature in its rawest habitat. Dust yourself + watch the magick unfold. It smells + feels like a fresh dewy spring day in the forest!


Freya: the Goddess of the moon, love, sex, beauty, phases + cycles, ravens, magic + protection. This powerful goddess connects us deep within to bring our own gifts + beauty forward in the most magical potent way. Gaia: Goddess of the Earth, bringing grounding + cultivation of vital life force. Vitality, fertility + plant + animal connection. Bringing us down to earth to harvest the limitless beauty + health available to us now in this moment.


Guardian Angels: This blend helps us to connect + communicate with the Angelic Realm. Inviting in the guidance + blessings of our Guardian Angels, Archangels + all angelic beings. These are some beautiful highest vibrating frequencies that wrap us in divine love + protection. Helping to clear our vision + spiritual sight + gifts. Angels are all around, its our free will to open the lines of communications! + what a beautiful blessing that is. I don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get!


Isis: Egyptian Goddess of life, magic, manifesting, the moon, balancing the light + the dark, heaven + earth. Releasing fears + bringing the inner priestess within forward!


Kali Ma: Goddess of Death + rebirth! She strips us of all illusion + fears releasing the past + all toxic energy. She is fierce, potent + powerful + invoking her in is transformational to say the least! Divine feminine every + protective mother.


Light Beings: This synergistic blend of crystals, flowers, oils + the direct channel to the Light Beings energy will invoke + ignite your own inner light connection with the higher realms + communication + guidance from intelligence from other worlds. One of the highest vibrations I’ve experienced ✨ this one will take you to the moon!!! + beyond 👽


Master Buddha: Master of Zen + meditation. Increases our awareness + heightens our consciousness. Connecting us to a deep sense of inner peace that available to us in the present moment. Freedom from suffering + all illusion.


Master Jesus: The keeper of the light + forgiveness. Healing + sacrificial love. Love is all there is + acceptance + compassion for all things. He brings our own inner radiance through the heart to shine forth on our path to light our way.


Mother Mary: Goddess of peace, love, compassion + acceptance. She is all mother healing, nurturing + nourishing our hearts. Forgiveness+ compassion flow to, from + through us while shined in Mother Marys divine feminine love.


Odin: Our Allfather of psychic + intuitive senses. Raven energy + visions of signs + symbology. He brings a protective power + a humble warrior like strength, clearing our path of obstacles as we carry our own inner torch of light to shine on our path.


Quan Yin: Goddess of care, compassion, mercy + love. Heart warming + healing connection. Helps us open up to a deeper self love + love of others. With grace + ease Quan yin softens our edges to bloom blossoms of love + strong yet tender essence.


Spirit Guides + Ancestors: This beautiful blend is designed to connect to the spirit world + our ancestors that are well in spirit. To help guide us, protect us + communicate to share the joys in life + help us through from a perspective that is pure truth + clear vision. It tunes our senses into hearing them, feeling them + even seeing them. Opening up to the signs available to us is not only a beautiful blessing, its a helpful potent way to remind us of who we are.


St. Germain: Master of Karmic balancing, transmutation + the magic of alchemy. Clearing negativity + toxic energy. Bringing a fortified fortress + violet flame to surround us in protection, strength + wisdom + guidance.


White Eagle: White Eagle is a Native American Shaman Ascended Master that helps us to connect to our inner Shaman. He helps us connect + heal our family lineage + communicate with the Spirit World. Family wounds can be healed now. Opening up healthy bloodline + spiritual lineage so we can heal past traumas + set off on a new path. He helps us to hold scared ceremony + honor all phases + walks of life. This master is here for big change. Old patterns release + new worlds open, Thankyou White Eagle for your guidance.

Spirit Realm Aura Mist Collection


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