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Spirit Realm Aura Mist Collection

The Spirit Realm Aura Mist Collection allows us to connect to our favorite spiritual teachers & beings that have come before us. Resonating our energy with theirs with a direct connect of their channeled essence to bring healing, balance, guidance, love, protection, mastery + more to our bodies, minds, hearts+ spirits.


These are a powerful potent potion to connect to our spirit council in everyday in a way that is a beautiful way to understand +receive all the gifts available to us now. With gratitude to the Masters we give our thanks for these blessings.



Spirit Realm Aura Mist Collection

  • Choose From:

    Archangel Michael: “He who is like God” fiery, protective presence that invokes courage + strength! Clears negativity + energy cords that no longer serve. Bringing a peace + stability.


    Artemis: The Goddess of nature + the animal kingdom. She is the Queen of all witches + cycles with the moon. She assists birth, childbirth or birth of new ideas + creations. Her blessings will bring you beauty, Empowerment, magic + an independent perspective view deeply rooted in your own intuition + the illumination of feminine mystery.


    Dark Moon Lilith: The red headed night queen that is as deep + vast + dangerous as the stormy sea. The goddess that is most misunderstood + persecuted for being a powerful independent rebel that says NO more to oppression. From anything. My scared land will not be trespassed. I am every woman’s Pandora’s box, to be opened + explored + set free so you can heal + shed light on your creepy crawlies. I free the skeletons from your closet + hold up a mirror to your deepest scars so you can start to love yourself there. Accept yourself + bring the brightest light to your darkest corners so you can become WHOLE.


    Faerie Dust: This high vibe Faerie Dust is one of a kind. The Fae Realm is not for everyone but when its for you it truly sparks up a zeal for life + the beauty it bestows is bar to none. Igniting a childlike, cheerful yet tricky + a little spicy energy to enjoy life in a more light hearted way. The Fae are little beautiful pranksters + they light up our daily lives. This Aura mist helps us connect to the Fae + the nature spirits + elementals avaible to help guide + protect + add some blessings, fun + pure magick to our days that will be most enjoyable. They help us honor the earth, plants, minerals + Mother Nature in its rawest habitat. Dust yourself + watch the magick unfold. It smells + feels like a fresh dewy spring day in the forest!


    Freya: the Goddess of the moon, love, sex, beauty, phases + cycles, ravens, magic + protection. This powerful goddess connects us deep within to bring our own gifts + beauty forward in the most magical potent way. Gaia: Goddess of the Earth, bringing grounding + cultivation of vital life force. Vitality, fertility + plant + animal connection. Bringing us down to earth to harvest the limitless beauty + health available to us now in this moment.


    Guardian Angels: This blend helps us to connect + communicate with the Angelic Realm. Inviting in the guidance + blessings of our Guardian Angels, Archangels + all angelic beings. These are some beautiful highest vibrating frequencies that wrap us in divine love + protection. Helping to clear our vision + spiritual sight + gifts. Angels are all around, its our free will to open the lines of communications! + what a beautiful blessing that is.


    Hecate: The Goddess of all things magick, the moon + the underworld. Call on her to boost your spell work✨ She’s the maiden the mother + the crone. Death + rebirth. Goddess of dogs + serpents + witchcraft. She carries her firey torch into the darkest of corners to shine bright the truth of all life + supports us in integrating those parts into ourself. Protector of children + igniter of transformation


    Isis: Egyptian Goddess of life, magic, manifesting, the moon, balancing the light + the dark, heaven + earth. Releasing fears + bringing the inner priestess within forward!


    Kali Ma: Goddess of Death + Rebirth! She strips us of all illusion + fears releasing the past + all toxic energy. She is fierce, potent + powerful + invoking her in is transformational to say the least! Divine feminine every + protective mother.


    Light Beings: This synergistic blend of crystals, flowers, oils + the direct channel to the Light Beings energy will invoke + ignite your own inner light connection with the higher realms + communication + guidance from intelligence from other worlds.


    Master Buddha: Master of Zen + meditation. Increases our awareness + heightens our consciousness. Connecting us to a deep sense of inner peace that available to us in the present moment. Freedom from suffering + all illusion.


    Master Jesus: The keeper of the light + forgiveness. Healing + sacrificial love. Love is all there is + acceptance + compassion for all things. He brings our own inner radiance through the heart to shine forth on our path to light our way.


    Mother Mary: Goddess of peace, love, compassion + acceptance. She is all mother healing, nurturing + nourishing our hearts. Forgiveness+ compassion flow to, from + through us while shined in Mother Marys divine feminine love.


    Odin: Our Allfather of psychic + intuitive senses. Raven energy + visions of signs + symbology. He brings a protective power + a humble warrior like strength, clearing our path of obstacles as we carry our own inner torch of light to shine on our path.


    Pythia: Pythia is the Greek high priestess + Oracle of Delphi. She channels prophecies of Apollo + tells the future bringing health + well being overall. Infinite your own channel to access the gods + divine wisdom + purification of body mind + spirit


    Quan Yin: Goddess of care, compassion, mercy + love. Heart warming + healing connection. Helps us open up to a deeper self love + love of others. With grace + ease Quan Yin softens our edges to bloom blossoms of love + strong yet tender essence.


    Santa Muerte: The Mexican Holy Mother of Death. Protection + saint of obstacles + legal matters. She supports in love, abundance, spiritual awakening + life + death + the afterlife. She is often connected with owls + justice. Call on her for guidance + protection.

    Spirit Guides + Ancestors: This beautiful blend is designed to connect to the spirit world + our ancestors that are well in spirit. To help guide us, protect us + communicate to share the joys in life + help us through from a perspective that is pure truth + clear vision. It tunes our senses into hearing them, feeling them + even seeing them. Opening up to the signs available to us is not only a beautiful blessing, its a helpful potent way to remind us of who we are.


    St. Germain: Master of Karmic balancing, transmutation + the magic of alchemy. Clearing negativity + toxic energy. Bringing a fortified fortress + violet flame to surround us in protection, strength + wisdom + guidance.


    White Eagle: White Eagle is a Native American Shaman Ascended Master that helps us to connect to our inner Shaman. He helps us connect + heal our family lineage + communicate with the Spirit World. Family wounds can be healed now. Opening up healthy bloodline + spiritual lineage so we can heal past traumas + set off on a new path. He helps us to hold scared ceremony + honor all phases + walks of life. This master is here for big change. Old patterns release + new worlds open, Thankyou White Eagle for your guidance.

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