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Abundance Aura Mist

Abundance Aura Mist


This Aura Mist was made in a time where I lost everything. I felt such a place of lack in my life + wanted to understand the meaning of true abundance. This mist doesn’t just make money magically appear but it dissolves the illusion that we are lacking anything we need!. When we live in a place of lack we are not open to receive the blessings available to us! + there are many 🙏


This Abundance aura mist, opens us up to true gratitude + opens us up to our own self worth + prosperity of all things! So we feel provided for in all moments, with wealth overflowing.... + therefore it will be!


Crystals of: Green aventurine, emerald + topaz + gold

Flowers of: peony + sweet pea

Goddess Lakshmi

Organic oils of frankincense sweet orange + patchouli!











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Abundance Aura Mist


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