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Agress-Less Aura Mist

Agress-Less Aura Mist

We all have agression. It is a primal state that is instilled in us.  What we do with that is up to us. Some of us are more actively + outwardly aggressive + some are more passive aggressive. Either way neither are right or wrong or better or worse. It just is what it is! Different ways of survival.


Agression is an alarm in us to let us know when we feel threatened. Animals in the wild will growl with agression + show their teeth to allow others to know they’re not feeling safe + to warn them don’t come any closer. We do this in our own worlds + it can cause imbalances in ourselves + with others, but it is a real feeling that we will all carry.


Our Agress-Less Aura Mist is all about allowing those energies + aggressions to be processed + allow our nervous system to feel safe + not stuck in a fight or flight trigger all the time. It’s soothing, calming, cooling + grounding + smells divine ✨✨



2 oz





Blends of rose quartz, Vivianite, epidote, lithium quartz
snapdragon, tiger lily
organic oils of lavender peppermint, white sage, vetiver + cerdarwood











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Agress-Less Aura Mist


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