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Attraction Aura Mist

Attraction Aura Mist


This blend is to attract all the things your heart truly desires. Bringing your energy into alignment with the energy of attracting. Clearing all blocks, obstacles + thoughts we may carry of not deserving what we really want, or what we want doesn’t exist, + so on.


(Plus I think this mist makes ya more attractive 😂) may sound silly but hey energy is energy! So if you’re adding the energy of attracting in your system, that’s gonna play out in multiple ways giving + receiving ✨✨✨ I don’t make the rules okay, I just know energy don’t lie



2 oz




This blend is mixed with Diamonds, Rubies, carnelian, fire agate, peonies + hibiscus, with oils of rose, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli + cinnamon.
It’s like a sultry earthy spicy flower + it’s intoxicating.











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Attraction Aura Mist


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