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Be Here Now. Aura Mist

Be Here Now. Aura Mist


This aura mist is a special creation for me✨ I grew all the flowers in it on my land + the crystals were dug locally except one was a gift from someone special 💎 all holding a deep potent healing + intention to open up to the present moment + “Be. Here. Now.”


This blend is a soothing, calming release of the past + the future + helps us sit our butts right where we are + open up to all the blessings + lessons + beauty available to in in this exact moment ✨


So we don’t miss a beat ⚡️
We miss so much of what’s in front of us because of the things that distract or worry or eagerly await us + sometimes we can miss the good stuff that’s right in front of our face.


Yesterday I watched a young man walk past one of the most gorgeous young women who was smiling right at him + because his face was looking down at his phone (like mine is right now😂)! He walked right past her not even knowing she existed + I said to myself, damn dude, you missed out! Made me think man, what have I missed?


We miss so much of what’s in the moment because we’re somewhere else. I do it ALL the time. We’re human. But I don’t wanna miss anymore of what’s here + now for me.

2 oz


This blend of Meyer lemon flowers, lupines, clover, epidote, rose quartz, clear quartz, ram dass channel, Palo Santo, rose geranium, myrrh + patchouli
Sweet, earthy, sultry, grounding + gorgeous 🌹✨










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Be Here Now. Aura Mist


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