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Body Positive Aura Mist

Body Positive Aura Mist


Let’s face it, almost every single person I know has something to say about their body that is less than supportive. “this isn’t big enough, this is too big, to floppy, too cellulitey (is that a word?), it’s not enough, it’s too much, I hate it, I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin” you get the idea. I’ve spent most my life a prisoner to my body, but it wasn’t my body that was the issue, but my damn mind! 


Whether it’s society’s ideals, traumas, abuse, or just everyday insecurities, our bodies are calling us home. To embody their beauty fully in any shape, size, color, creed there is. We need to make allies with this temple for we only have one + let’s use it in a way that is beautiful + cherished. Feeling good enough. No matter what. 


Mist on + around you to heal + accept ourselves as we are, love our bodies as they’re meant to be loved + to really anchor in + feel + honor each particle of this miraculous gift we have been given!





Ruby, spirit quartz, citrine crystals 

Madrone, squash blossom, peony + Gaia essences

Organic oils of palo Santo, bergamot + sweet orange

Body Positive Aura Mist


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