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Brighten Up Aura Mist

Brighten Up Aura Mist


This beautiful blend blasts a warm vibrant joyful lighthearted energy to encapsulate you + help ignite your own inner light to bring forward. It’s great for dissolving heaviness, negative or toxic energies + any depression that may be lingering around. Cleanses + brightens the system, your mind, your emotions, body + aura! Like the warm sun breaking through + kissing your ever cell after a dark long winter. ☀️😎  


Mist on + around you to smile with your whole everything





Adamite, amber, rutilated quartz, vesuvianite stones 

Zinnia, St. Johns Wort, Spirit Guides + Angels Essences

Organic oils of bergamot, lavender, orange + rosemary

Brighten Up Aura Mist


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