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Crossroads Aura Mist

Crossroads Aura Mist

Have you ever been going in one direction with beautiful momentum + then out of the blue your life takes a turn? Whether you choose it or it chooses you, it’s happening for a reason! But it can be challenging on our system as a whole + also take time to transition + transform in the new direction we’re headed. Releasing the past + any outside influences + it’s highly protective of our process of deep change. Tower moments are some of our greatest growth + openings for new + better things! But a little assistance is necessary with these big shocks to our system!

This Crossroads Aura Mist is going to catch you up, rise you above + help you release the old into the new on all levels! Giving you a hand through big change!


2 oz




Obsidian, rose quartz, Moldavite, Diamond crystals
Black walnut flower + blackberry
Organic oils of rose, frankincense, white sage + ylang ylang







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Crossroads Aura Mist


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