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Fountain of Youth Aura Mist

Fountain of Youth Aura Mist

I made this Fountain of Youth Aura Mist for my 13 year old dog who is really feeling the hands of time ticking along + I couldn’t bare to watch it. I mist it down her spine + it just brings her puppy like energy + playful vibrant self back to life! I also mist if on myself in hopes to have a healthy young happy body + for a youthful glow!


It smells + feels so divine + vibrant + puts a playful pep in your step.



2 oz





Gold, garnets, diamonds + Vivianite, blackberry flowers, hibiscus + Persephone
Oils of sandalwood, jasmine, sweet orange, bergamot + rosemary ❤️‍🔥











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Fountain of Youth Aura Mist


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