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Gratitude Aura Mist

Gratitude Aura Mist


Everything in life has a vibration, a frequency if you will✨
When we can experience higher vibrations, our health + wellbeing flourishes + we attract exactly what we vibrate⚡️
So if we hold a shitty vibration we attract more shitty vibes + if we hold a vital harmonious vibe, we attract exactly that! + the cool thing is we all vibrate ALL of it + have the choice to shift it at any second so no vibe is permanent⚡️ we’re always in the works
Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations there is! It’s at the same level of Love which is the ultimate ❤️‍🔥
When we can spend more time in the energy of Gratitude, we feel more grateful + there for attract more of what that energy to us🤍
Our Gratitude Aura Mist is loving + uplifting + zingy + feels + smells divine. It’s tuned to the vibration of Gratitude, so it ignites your body, your emotions, your mind + energy field with exactly that. When our center is at the perception of Gratitude…… life lights up to a very full satisfying feeling…. + it starts with our choice to do so🤍



2 oz




A gorgeous blend of star gazing lilies, gardenias
Stones of kunzite, rhodonite, lithium quartz + lepidolite
Oils of ylang ylang, frankincense, sweet orange, vetiver + cedar wood 🌲💘











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Gratitude Aura Mist


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