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Grief Relief Aura Mist

Grief Relief Aura Mist


Grief.... fuck it can be brutal right? But it’s also necessary to feel and move through the grief we hold. Whether it’s active in our life now or old grief speaking to us through our intricate systems, it’s time to release.... release the pain in our hearts to be able to fill with more love. It may have served us at one point, but that shits ready to go 🌟  This Grief Relief Aura mist is a beautiful blend of elements to support you mentally and emotionally dissolving the intensity of your grieving as you naturally move through the mucky process.


Mist on and around you for relief from active or repressed grieving 

    Our Prayer ""Thankyou for your lesson and a sweet goodbye, I have love and contentment to feel!"






Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Lepidolite crystals

Mimosa, lilac, hollyhock + quad yin essences

Organic oils of rose geranium, sweet orange + vetiver

Grief Relief Aura Mist


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