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Grounded Roots Aura Mist

Grounded Roots Aura Mist


Do you need to get your ass back to earth like I do⭐️🌙? I'm digging this blend "Grounded Roots" This is a beautiful blend of elements for those who feel "out of body", short of breath, disconnected, just can't find a calm within, racing mind, obsessive thoughts, anxiety and pedal to the metal full speed ahead... Well here's your deep breath! Grounded Roots is an aura mist that brings your connection down to earth, helping you feel a safe secure solid stable foundation. 


Mist on + around you for grounding + centering your energy + root chakra







Red jasper, black tourmaline, ruby, obsidian crystals 

Ancient bristlecone pine, manzanita + gaia essences

Organic oils of, vetiver, clove + palo santo

Grounded Roots Aura Mist


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