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Heart Remedy Aura Mist

Heart Remedy Aura Mist


Does your heart need a little help being put back together? ♥️ This beautiful blend of elements helps to heal the heart on all levels. Helps to release heartbreak, soothe any aches + pains of grief, loss + sorrow whether current or from the past. Helps to ignite forgiveness, compassion + LOVE on all levels, while gently dissolving any walls that keep your heart from giving and receiving love in all the truest ways. It’s a pretty much a huge damn bandaid for that big beautiful red beating heart of yours. Let love flow shall we♥️


Mist on + around you to tend to your vast intricate unique heart, because this world needs more HEART♥️





Emerald, kunzite, rose quartz, green calcite crystals 

Passionflower, rose + Master Jesus essences

Organic oils of rose geranium, ylang ylang + sweet orange

Heart Remedy Aura Mist


    The Scarlet Halo

    Rituals for Everyday Healing

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