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Let it Go Aura Mist

Let It Go Aura Mist


This potent lil blend is pretty straight forward... it helps us to let that shit go! The past, pains, patterns, thoughts, emotions, people, places things or that stubborn ex lover you can’t seem to let go of😉

It helps us to live + appreciate + embody the present moment so fully that the past + future has no pull over us. Saying to the things that no longer serve us, buh bye! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out💋


For we are here to experience all the blessings + peace + love available to us in this exact moment + all moments. We are here to feel gooood. It’s just up to us Let It Go!





Amethyst, dioptase ,turquoise crystals 

Dogwood, hoary stock, lilac + St Germain essences

Organic oils of, rose geranium, frankincense + rosemary

Let it Go Aura Mist


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