The Scarlet Halo

Rituals for Everyday Healing


Love Spell Aura Mist 


The intention with this potent lil lover is to spark up romance within yourself + your relationship, heal any parts of your heart that may still hurt from a romantic lover or get down to it + attract a romantic Love in your life! 🔥


This is all about the heart space, the intimate connections, recognizing where we have walls around Love + gently dissolving them. It’s about igniting romance in, through + around us. Whether it’s music, flowers, a kiss, or the wind kicking up, let the universe romance you in its own unique way 💫


I'm in love with this one ♥️





Ruby, emerald, moonstone + kunzite

Peony, star gazing lily + Aphrodite

Organic oils of rose + clove









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Love Spell Aura Mist