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Persephone Aura Mist

Persephone Aura Mist


She is the Greek goddess of spring + flowers + love + beauty + fertility + nature + also the queen of underworld + ghosts….. because balance ammi right?🌹✨


As the tale is told...Persephone was minding her own in a beautiful flower meadow with her nymph friends when she was captured by Hades and taken to the underworld. When she was taken, so was all the vegetation on earth, which marked the winter. Once Persephone tasted  Hades fruit the pomegranate, she had to stay in the underworld, however with the promise that every year she could return to earth + this is called Spring 🌱


Persephone represents the life + death + rebirth of all things, she blesses fertility + also initiates + blesses souls into the afterlife. She has be said to have firey red hair + a flower crown. How beautiful 🌸


This aura most invokes the lessons, blessings + connections with Goddess Persephone ❤️‍🔥



2 oz




narcissus flowers, garnets, roses, jasmine, cerdarwood, sweet orange + clove











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Persephone Aura Mist


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