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Psychic Senses Aura Mist

Psychic Senses Aura Mist


This elemental aura mist is for the truth seekers, the healers, the mystics, the psychics, the ones who have come to see between the lines, to hear what’s not being said, to play and explore the magical subtle energies that make our spirits sing.


Mist on + around you to ignite your intuition + psychic abilities+ awaken your spirit 

(previously "Awaken" Aura Mist)






Azurite, apophyllite, moonstone, crystala

Queen Annes Lace, Daphne + tuberose + Isis essences

Organic oils of palo santo, eucalyptus + rose geranium

Psychic Senses Aura Mist


    The Scarlet Halo

    Rituals for Everyday Healing

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