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Receive Aura Mist

Receive Aura Mist

This one is for those over givers!! The people pleasers + ones who tend to sacrifice themselves! Who’s there with me? We can really get out of balance when it comes to giving + receiving but both need to be honored + hopefully in a balanced way ⚖️💗
It’s not easy as an over giver to receive.


This recieve aura mist brings us into a space of opening up + allowing ourselves to receive the support + energy available to us without feeling like a burden. We know how good it feels to give right? Well opening up to recieve allows others to be in the action of giving + that’s a good thing!

We all hold the right to give + receive freely + not that it’s tit for tat but an equal energy exchange flowing helps keep us all in balance!


Mist on + around you to dissolve our walls to open to receive the blessings available to us 🤍


2 oz




Silver, moonstones + kunzite crystals
Tiger lily, evening primrose + plumeria flowers
Organic oils of jasmine ylang ylang, rose, cerdarwood, sandalwood, clary sage + clove







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Receive Aura Mist


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