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Return to Sender Aura Mist

Return to Sender Aura Mist


Our aura mist “Return to Sender” is a powerful potent blast of purifying cleansing reflective energy for anything you’ve picked up along the way or any shade that’s been thrown in your direction that you just don’t need to be carrying anymore ✨✨


This ones great for my sensitive folks + empaths who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders ✨You’re only responsible for yourself + anything else, just send that shit back! Goodbye now 😘😘😘💨🔥🌱


2 oz


Return to sender folks! Signed sealed + delivered with a blend of onyx, labradorite, rubies, opals, rosemary + plumeria essences with organic oils of cedar wood, patchouli, rosemary, myrrh + clove is a herbal, earthy, potent punch of cleansing agents that make you smell + feeeeeeel untouchable 🖤🔥 











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Return to Sender Aura Mist


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