Road Opener Aura Mist

Road Opener Aura Mist


My newest aura mist is getting all the hype! I made this one as a remover of obstacles for some goals I was trying to reach + man…. It did more than just that! I reached all these goals + more!  It clears the limitations in our path + mind + energy to reach the things we’re working towards. Whatever is in our way,   Mooove it on over! The feedback on this one has been no less than powerful 💥

Even though I made this for a big goal, I notice little things opening all around me too, like lines at the market, people pulling over out of the way on the road!

     ~ I’ve had feedback that divorces went through when the obstacles were thick.

     ~ A realtor friend has been using it on her houses that were not moving only to find they are now closing!

     ~ Another story was a test at DMV was meant to be a huge hassle + they called her up first snapped her pic + said we’re all done no test needed!


Practical magic lighting the torch to lead your path to the things we could only have dreamed for 💎✨  If you want things to move… this is it for you! Plus it smells divine.




essences + oils of + moldavite, rubies, golden apatite, clear quartz, fuschia, wild morning glory, kali ma, lemon, sweet orange + amber.

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Road Opener Aura Mist


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