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Rose Gold Water, Florals + Gems

Rose Gold Rose Gold Water, Florals + Gems
Previously Rosewater 
Florals + Gems


You Guys! Our rosewater has always been a super favorite of mine, but now it’s off the hook.... ⚡️⚡️⚡️

It now has literal Gold in it!

With our pure organic rose water + colloidal gold what it brings to the skin is unmatched.



•diminishes fine lines

•improves elasticity + collagen

•balances skin

•soothes inflammation + redness

•super radiant golden glow ⚡️

•powerful antioxidants

•uplifting to the mood!


Hittin all the spots with our added rose quartz + Aphrodite essences to top it all off💫


From our gold country lovin hearts to yours, I promise you this is no ordinary rosewater 🌹


Mist all over your face and feel the love







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Rose Gold Water, Florals + Gems


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