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Sacred Masculine Aura Mist

Sacred Masculine Aura Mist


This blend of stones, crystals, flowers + oils speak to our masculine rhythms. harnessing the humble warrior within. igniting drive, passion, vital life force, strength, courage + the energy of the sun. 

It heals the masculine shadow within your own self + elevates it into radiance.


It helps men heal + rise, in their own masculine nature + how they connect with other males.

It helps women heal their connections with men + balance their own masculine nature within.

Time to “man up” in a way that is beyond needed.


Mist on + around you to "Man Up"!





Pyrite, Amber, sunstone, emerald crystals 

Sunflower, tiger lily + Mäster Jesus essences

Organic oils of, vetiver, palo santo + rosemary

Sacred Masculine Aura Mist


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