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Shadow Work Aura Mist

Shadow Work Aura Mist


the day without night,
the fire without ice,
the heaven without hell,
the dark without light…..
there would be no wholeness, no balance, no dance within life’s polarities if we didn’t have the full spectrum of all life’s experiences + I believe that’s why we’re are here…. To be ALL of it + to accept ourselves along that path wherever we are 🖤🤍

The work of the shadow is to shine light into the dark corners that have been shamed, or hidden or denied or blocked or limited or hated or feared or the parts where we feel lack, or unworthiness, or jealousy or self doubt. We have in us ALL that we need to become whole, but how would we ever reach that without these parts of ourselves that are not accepted.


We are all in this human experience (well most of us ✨😉) + it is never wrong to feel, be, hold, have dark parts…. It’s part of the gig! But it’s what we do with them? Do we let them overpower us + become imbalanced? Or do we accept them as our own + love ourselves there anyway. Allowing those parts to become integrated into our whole being. When we can utilize all parts of ourselves that is the mastery.

Navigating light + dark for the greatest good of all.
I honor the light + dark in me, as I honor the light + dark in you 🕯️🖤

This aura mist brings us deep in our shadow parts to see the beauty + the navigation needed to reclaim all the parts of us as a whole….. gently yet potently ✨



2 oz




Moldavite, Tibetan black quartz, Obsidian,
Epidote, Gardenia, Plumeria
Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Eucalyptus❤️‍🔥











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Shadow Work Aura Mist


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