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Smokeless Smudge Aura Mist

Smokeless Smudge Aura Mist


If you want to Smudge but don't want the Smoke, here's a healthy and powerful alternative. A beautiful blend of cleansing and purifying elements to rid your home, workspace, family or your own aura of any negative vibes! Bringing balance and protection to keep a clean, clear, positive vibration in, through and around you 🌿


Mist on + around you to purify those lower vibes 







Black tourmaline, selenite, obsidian + clear quartz crystals

Yarrow, sea salt + St. Germain essences

Organic oils of palo Santo + white sage

Smokeless Smudge Aura Mist


    The Scarlet Halo

    Rituals for Everyday Healing

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