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Soul Mates Aura Mist

Soul Mates Aura Mist

Who believes in soul mates? Do you think you only have one? Or a whole tribe of them?
I believe we have multiple soul mates. Whether it’s in friendship, our pets, certain family members maybe + our romantic soul mates of course.


These connections are usually very harmonious, stand the test of time + can get through anything with endless love. I think they are rare but maybe more common than we think too!


This aura mist called “Soul Mates” calls in our soul tribe to us. Connects us on a soulful level + opens up our recognition to the ones that we already know + have yet to meet 🌹🖤 11:11 ⚡️

2 oz




Gold, silver, fire agate, garnet, shaman stone, peony + blackberry flowers, organic oils of Palo santo, jasmine, cerdarwood, cinnamon + patchouli









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Soul Mates Aura Mist


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