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Surrender Aura Mist

Surrender Aura Mist

Have you ever tried to hold on so tight to things around you or put so much effort into an outcome that took a turn in a new dircetion, or tried to control things the way you think they should go….. + after all that time + energy you end your just getting dragged around?

That’s when it’s time to surrender. There’s times to move + make things happen + there’s times we need to let go + surrender to the divine orchestration of life. It’s not always easy…. But sometimes surrendering + getting out of our own way makes it all happen for us, better than we coulda ever wished for!

This Surrender Aura Mist is earthy, herbal with a light floral yet woodsy twist. Soothing us into the channel of surrender 🩵

2 oz




Moonstone, lithium quartz, Tibetan black quartz, garnet + prophecy stone crystals
Dahlia + gardenia flowers
Organic oils of lavender, jasmine, rose + ylang ylang, vetiver, rosemary, cedarwood, patchouli, tulips + frankincense







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Surrender Aura Mist


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