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Sweetness Aura Mist

Sweetness Aura Mist

This Sweetness Aura mist is for the times when we are feeling a little less than sweet! Maybe when things feel kinda on the sour or bitter side of life, maybe a little rough around the edges + we just want to feel something good for once, this connects us to the sweet moments in life, to be able to give + recieve them + create a satisfyingly sweet energy in through + around us on all levels 💗

This sweet floral citrus burst of energy will soften + sweeten all our edges + feelings to the core.


2 oz




Pink calicite, moonstone + Kunzite crystals
Holly, foxglove + honeysuckle flowers
Organic oils of rose, jasmine, cedarwood, clove, sweet orange + bergamot







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Sweetness Aura Mist


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