Truth Serum Aura Mist

Truth Serum Aura Mist


Ever heard that the truth will set you free? 
It truly does. 


This aura mist is my new “Truth Detector” I carry with me that as a bonus smells divine 🤍

I made in a time where my clarity was clouded + I didn’t know what to make of my then situation. Not only did the truth surface around me, but within me. People around me spoke truth; I spoke truth, I knew what the truth was + I trust in this process. The truth may be hard to hear at times but it is deeply healing + always accessible to us all. In, through + around us. 









Blue sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine, fuschia flowers + wild California poppy essences

Oorganic oils of sandalwood + palo santo ✨











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Truth Serum Aura Mist


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