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Underworld Aura Mist

The Underworld Aura Mist

There are 3 realms in our universe, Heaven, Earth + the Underworld 🖤 


The enchantment of the Underworld is one of the most misunderstood aspects of our universe. It represents our subconscious, the afterlife, the shadow aspects of ourselves that is calling to be integrated into our whole  selves. turning our pains into our powers🖤 connecting to the unknown, exploring the mystical, the occult, the deepest vastest mysteries of the world + the dreamworld, astral plane, all memories ever made + the deities that rule these places within us.


Pure power + pure magick to be had with the deep dive into the unknown 🖤 


2 oz





Prophecy stone, daphne flowers, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver, clove + cinnamon 🖤











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Underworld Aura Mist


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